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About us
The history :

2005 : MobileGlobe was founded in 2005 to offer you a global mobile service which allows you to call abroad and from abroad at very cheap rates.

2007 : After 2 years of development and the set up of a new strategy in the mobile area, MobileGlobe obtained the patent of its solution.

2008 : MobileGlobe becomes BlackBerry partner and launches a specific offer for businesses.

2008/2010 : The solution is a big success in France. The company expands its coverage and opens offices in Munich, São Paulo and London. We now have customers in 40 countries around the world.

Our solution :

MobileGlobe allows inexpensive long distance and international calls from your mobile without changing your habits.

Our experience shows that people using MobileGlobe save from 40 up to 80% on their telephone bill.

MobileGlobe solution requires neither a subscription nor a commitment of any kind. You just use a unique innovative software which will optimize your costs in real time. Using MobileGlobe is easy. You install it over the air in one second and then you keep calling the way you are used to. MobileGlobe is also very reliable.

Many financial or industrial firms trust us today to reduce their international call bill.

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Our representatives will answer your questions and offer customized packages to suit your needs.

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"Being available on my mobile phone while travelling abroad is essential to my business. Most telco operators have comprehensive packages for national use but fail to provide efficient pricing for international use. That's exactly what MobileGlobe provided me with."

Michel Sara - Founder
ROI \ marketing.

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