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How it works ?

- From your home country :

MobileGlobe will turn your international call into a local call. The process is seamless and generates savings. From your operator point of view, you will just place a local call to a landline. Then, MobileGlobe will charge you for the international part of the call.

- From abroad :

The application will choose the best call strategy to reduce the cost of the call and allow you to save up to 50%.

MobileGlobe has agreements with regular operators that guarantee the same quality of service that you currently have with your mobile operator. Also, the CLI appears when one places a call.


There are several ways to install the application. It will depend on the type of mobile you use and on your wireless architecture.

Iphone : The application is only available from the App Store. It is a free application.

BlackBerry : You can install the application via SMS directly from your company's account management interface. If you have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you can also directly push the application from the BES.

Other types of mobiles : You can install the application via SMS directly from your company's account management interface.

You have a question ?
Our representatives will answer your questions and offer customized packages to suit your needs.

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"My real estate business makes me place a lot of international call from my BlackBerry. MobileGlobe is the only solution that allowed me to reduce significantly the cost of my international calls without changing the way I call. Also, the quality of the voice is still excellent. I am convinced today this is the perfect solution for business users."

Mickael MALKA - CEO
Century21 Premier Ltda
São Paulo

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