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Your company, whether it is a small business or a large organization with complex communication requirements, needs a simple, efficient and economical solution. That´s what we exist for! Our patented 2 solutions will allow you to significantly reduce your costs of international calls and roaming data while keeping the same level of convenience and quality you currently experience with your operator. This is why we created MobileGlobe.

MobileGlobe offers you 2 solutions : MobileGlobe Voice et MobileGlobe Data

MobileGlobe is a patented application that will allow you to significantly reduce the cost of your company wireless international calls without changing your habits nor the quality of service.

MobileGlobe Voice : Calls from and abroad

MobileGlobe is a patented application that will allow you to significantly reduce the cost of your company wireless international calls without changing your habits nor the quality of service.

How can you try the service ?
Testing is completely free and will take up to 5 minutes. After registration of your company, you will receive the application on your device and you will be able to try the service for free.

You will get 5 euros free to test the solution!

How does the system work?
MobileGlobe patented technology will seamlessly redirect your international calls on our network. National calls will continue to be handled by your regular mobile carrier.

How much will my company save ?
Our rates are usually 80% cheaper than the regular operator´s charge for international calls. Even some Fortune 500 customers that already strongly negotiated their costs with national operator use MobileGlobe to save on international calls cost.

How can I control the usage and the cost?
You can keep track of your call history and billing on a dedicated web interface.

MobileGlobe Data : Mail and internet from Abroad

MobileGlobe Data is a 3G sim card that gives access to unchallenging rates for your email and internet consumption when roaming . Subject to your needs, with mobile globe you can choose to receive only the sim card or the Sim ¨Pack + Wifi device on which you’ll be able to connect up to 6 users at the same time

How to subscribe ?
It takes less than 5 minutes and it’s completely free. You ll be able to choose your package(per MB, buy the device, rent the device). Delivery will be made in a few days or available at your dealer agent (only for commercial usage). You’ll also receive a gift welcome package : 10MB free in Europe or 2,5MB free outside Europe the first month.

How it Works ?
You ll just have to connect your device to the WIFI that will become available from the box or simply insert your sim card in your device. Once that step done you will be able to easily surf on the web…

What sort of savings will I make ?
You reduce your data roaming usage hence the costs up to 90% ; You wil access to the cheapest rates available on the market 0,25€/ MB in Europe and 1€/MB outside Europe without any commitment.

Can I follow up my Bills ?
A dedicated option on our website will help you to control and follow up in real time the costs of your calls for your company

You have a question ?
Our representatives will answer your questions and offer customized packages to suit your needs.

Contact a representative

"Thanks to MobileGlobe , I can place all the international calls I want directly from my iPhone, whether I am in Netherland or traveling abroad. I do not worry about the cost of my calls. The installation that really easy and I could use it right away. Other solutions I tried to use was requiring WIFI connection and never actually worked. Also, they charge us per second which is really rare for an operator."

Egbert van Keulen
Founding Partner

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